Baška voda



Baska Voda with its 3000 inhabitants is situated in the western part of Makarska seaside. Untouched nature is its most precious attribute which arises it from the other tourist destinations. Today, Baska Voda is tourist site that satisfies, with its offer, those who long for true relaxation and a lot of fun. Inhabitants of Baska Voda are by far famous for their hospitality and kindness, which make summer vacations at the Adriatic Coast unforgettable.

Climate of this area is typically mild Mediterranean. Rays of sun are shining over Baska Voda for more then 2500 hours per a year and the temperature of the sea rises above 20 degrees already in May and remains comfortable for swimming to the end of October. In the hart of the winter, in December, air temperature rarely falls below 10 Celsius degrees. Ideal natural environment in which Baska Voda is situated opens possibilities for all the year round tourism, that is very alluring to the tourist elite, and available to all.